Denim has one of the dirtiest supply chains in the fashion industry. Denim production involves a tremendous amount of water and hazardous chemicals, especially in wet processes like dyeing and finishing. If the dyeing factory does not have a proper treatment facility, toxic waste is usually released to the nearest river, causing the local community to suffer from cancer and skin issues. Additionally, in some practices in denim production, such as sandblasting, the workers are exposed to hazardous substances (e.g., silica), which results in lung diseases and even deaths.

That's why, in collaboration with our long-standing manufacturing partners from Turkey, who shares the same values and mindset, we have created a sustainable denim brand – EVERMIND:

EVERMIND offers high-quality, organic and responsibly-made denim products with the lowest environmental impact possible. We are committed to following the "less harm, more good" philosophy in every step of our value chain, from fiber to the end-of-use.


Sustainable Materials: EVERMIND-Jeans are made from GOTS-certified Aegean organic cotton. Where organic cotton is insufficient in terms of performance, we use recycled polyester. The entire production process is certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), which includes ecological and social criteria as well.

PETA-Approved Vegan

: We stand against any form of animal cruelty. All our products have "PETA-Approved Vegan" certificate. As a longtime vegan family, we provide a vegan-friendly workplace to make it easier for our employees to go vegan for ethical and health reasons. Veganism also contributes to our environmental goals by reducing soil degradation and greenhouse gas emission.

No Hazardous Chemicals: We do not use any hazardous chemicals that may harm our planet or human health. We do not use potassium permanganate spray, stonewash, or sodium hypochlorite, which are known to be harmful but still frequently used in denim production.

Functional, Timeless, Long-Lasting Products: The spirit of denim lies in durability and longevity; it was invented to last. The style of EVERMIND is independent of changing trends yet desirable and functional. We prioritize timeless design, high-quality fabric and workmanship by keeping functionality in mind. We eliminate all extra dry processes, even those associated with the laser technique. By avoiding any additional operation affecting the garment's strength, our denim products can keep their durability and versatility

We avoid using unnecessary accessories on our products. Extra hardware such as rivets reduces the lifetime of the jeans and makes it difficult to recycle them after use. It also increases waste.


FFor all our accessories on our jeans, we use sustainable alternatives from well-known global producers:

YKK NATULON: Mechanically Recycled Zippers                                                                                          

YKK: Eco-Friendly Finish Tacks                                                                                                                            

COATS Epic Eco Verde: Recycled Sewing Thread

We Are Transparent and Accountable

The entire production process, everything from the chemical inputs used to the ethical treatment of workers, is verified by third parties. We have GOTS, PETA VEGAN and RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certifications for all our products. We have Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) certificate, which restricts the use of hazardous substances in production.

We only work with trusted producers that we know how they operate closely.

8 Principles for a Sustainable Future.

For a better world, we follow 8 principles shared with our parent company:

-Organic materials

-No harmful chemicals

-Ethical Production

-Functional, Timeless, Long-Lasting Products

-Low CO² Emissions in Logistics & Delivery

-Minimal Packaging

-Conscious Team

-Continuous Improvement