ALL BRANDS AT ONE SHOP. eco is an online sourcing platform where you can place orders for all brands under the umbrella of Leela Cotton, a family-run company that puts sustainability at its core.

With 30 years of organic know-how and experience, we offer five purpose-driven brands: LEELA COTTON, ALBERO NATUR, EVERMIND,

TRUE NORTH and EGE ORGANICS. Each serves different categories with one common purpose:

less harm, more good.

LEELA COTTON is a brand that was founded in 1994 with the mission to provide eco-friendly, fairly-made,

long-lasting products that are comfortable.

ALBERO NATUR offers a wide range of UNDERWEAR and SOCKS produced in trusted factories using Aegean organic cotton only.

TRUE NORTH is an ATHLEISURE brand with respect for our planet and society. It offers comfort, aesthetics and freedom of movement for your workout and transition to life afterward.

EVERMIND offers high-quality, organic and responsibly-made DENIM products with the lowest environmental impact possible.

EO HOME by Ege Organics is a HOME TEXTILES brand. All premium products are manufactured in the Aegean region from locally grown organic cotton

with the lowest carbon footprint.


LEELA.ECO is our B2B platform where you can order from all these brands at once, consolidated and efficiently. 


Order consolidation saves you cost and time, and facilitates your inventory management. It also reduces your environmental footprint by less packaging, less waste and fewer carbon emissions.


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